“The need for innovation is stronger than ever if we want to thrive in tomorrow’s new world!”

Together renewal and risk control are the keys to success – join us and Ph.D. Robert Wolcott for a day packed with discussion and inspiring speakers.

Korkia is involved in organizing Uplifted 2018 seminar held in September. Korkia together with Ph.D. Robert Wolcott, Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Executive Education and Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network, would like to invite business leaders to Hanasaari Espoo.

Uplifted is a one-day event for participants to learn from experts, network, meet other business leaders, and get Uplifted! This year’s theme is Leading Through Change – How technology transforms business and life. Keynote speaker Ph.D. Robert Wolcott and four guest speakers, all experts in their fields, will present their views on how technology is transforming business and life.

We hope to create a meeting point where together we can discuss topics such as how to make long-term and short-term numbers co-exist, how to turn risks into opportunity, gain knowledge from next generation cyber threats, and master data strategies for the future.

Change is inevitable and we are currently facing waves with big impacts (e.g. digitalization, geopolitical development, and aging). The need for innovation is stronger than ever if we want to thrive in tomorrow’s new world. This presents a major challenge to leadership. How to lead through all the change? How to manage the risks?

The event will take place on 12 September in Hanasaari, Espoo. Tickets €700 + VAT 24%.

Read more about the speakers, agenda, and sign up here!