We build sustainable growth by constantly seeking to discover new opportunities and if needed – creating some ourselves.

The world is full of opportunities, but recognizing them is difficult. We do this by combining corporate development, financing and investing in a unique way. We enjoy solving complex problems and thus enabling successful futures for our clients. The direct consequence of the services we provide promotes sustainable development. This we can verify.

Succeeding together feels especially good because in addition to building growth we help make our society function a little better, one step at a time. Our vision is to be an internationally respected developer and investor focused on sustainable development.



We are a team of experts, entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, bankers, but above all doers.

  • Korkia is a Finnish, financially sound and rapidly growing company.
  • Growing revenue, strong balance sheet and positive earnings. Net sales for 2018 were 8.5 MEUR (+ 35% compared to 2017).
  • 574 shareholders
  • Extensive license for investment services by the FIN-FSA, Financial Supervisory Authority.
  • A unique combination of asset management, growth company development and financing, and strategic management consulting create synergies and added value for our customers.
  • Our clients are domestic and international investors, companies and institutions.
  • Our team consists of over 50 experts in investment, business development and consulting.
  • Our operations are supported by a strong advisory network.
  • Offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä, Oulu, London, Santiago de Chile and Abu Dhabi.

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