Our mission is to produce clean megawatts to the market to ensure that future generations have an economically prosperous and sustainable world to live in. We believe in a better tomorrow – but making it a reality requires concrete actions. You can read about the actions we took in 2022 towards accomplishing our vision in Korkia’s newly released Annual Review and Sustainability 2022 report.

As I look back, I can only say that the year 2022 was yet again an unprecedented one. Just as society and the economy were slowly getting back to normal after rough pandemic years we were suddenly faced with a new and horrible reality when Russia attacked Ukraine. Dark shadows were cast as this meant both immense humanitarian suffering and a new era in geopolitical relations.

Luckily, this also meant loyalty, solidarity, and action. Energy and self-sufficiency became hot topics and decision makers were able to pull together to help speed up the changes that were quickly and desperately needed. We got to witness it all leading to the acceleration of green transition.

For Korkia all this has meant a big leap, even a breakthrough, as a company. For quite some time now Korkia’s strategic focus has been to grow the renewable energy business. Last year we launched our renewable energy fund and our project portfolio grew up to 7 gigawatts. We were able to recruit new and brilliant talent and expanded to three new countries. We cultivated, we learned, and we succeeded.

In 2022, we went above and beyond for what we thought we could do. This is the result of years of hard work and incredible dedication from our team. For this year, we’re going to continue investing in renewable energy and keep moving on the same track. The future looks promising. I believe that we have merely scratched the surface of the immense potential that renewable energy has to offer.

For us, the story has only just begun.


You can read the annual review here.

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