March 26, 2020

Kolarctic CBC – Barents Region Transport and Logistics project workshop

We warmly welcome You to join in a workshop concerning Kolarctic CBC – Barents Region Transport and Logistics project – a project aiming to enhance and develop collaboration occurring across the external borders of the European Union. Its target is to generate a vision of the Northern Barents region’s future as a part of global market based on disruptions in the region’s industries.

Issues handled in the workshop include for instance: Will the soon opening Northern Sea Route create a regular freightway from Asia to Northern Europe? Will the tourism in Lapland continue to increase? What is the outlook of mining industry? And how should we prepare to this when developing the cross-border infrastructure?



The event will be held as a webinar on 26.3.2020 from 12.00 to 15.30.


Please register for the event by March 19, 2020.


12:00 Introductions to the theme of the day

An overview of the current state of traffic and logistics flows in the Barents Region Jarkko Rantala, Business Unit Manager, WSP Oy

Current status and future trends of the main sectors in the Barents Region Janika Keinänen, Senior Consultant, Korkia Oy

12:45 Phase 1: Future work facilitated by Korkia begins

13:15 Phase 2: Future tables and alternative development path

13:45 BREAK

14:00 Phase 3: Compilation and prioritization of scenarios

15:00 Summary and conclusions

15:30 Closing the workshop

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