A warm welcome to Kristina Sweet who has started as Investment Director at Korkia! Kristina will be responsible for transactions and business development in the Renewable Energy Team. With a career crossing 2+ decades, and 4 countries Kristina brings to Korkia international experience in manufacturing, defense, agriculture, and energy. Her strengths are in innovating and scaling, driving big change in sustainable ways.


Q&A with Kristina:

What kind of energy do you bring to the team and the work community?

I like to think big, constantly looking to see how bold we can be while still being mindful that big dreams require big action. One without the other, will not produce meaningful or sustainable results. I run fast in business, eyes wide open, which seems to be an excellent match for a growing, ambitious, do good things company like Korkia. 

If you had to describe your expertise in 2–3 words, what words would you give and why? 

Resilient, kind, ambitious. Having had to reinvent my career in four different countries, building new networks, learning new skills, adapting to new cultures has not only made me a better person but it has provided me with a unique set of professional skills. It has also made me a more compassionate, humble person.

A book that left a lasting impression on you: 

The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler. It is a book on the science that allows people to do extra ordinary things. As the author explains the physiological reasons people can do seemingly superhuman feats, it links how those go hand in hand with pure happiness. While I don’t claim to be extra ordinary, the book helped me understand how my brain works in decision making and problem solving….and how that is tied to my own happiness.

Reading tips

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