My career path hasn’t always been clear to me. As a teenager I was convinced technology was the very last subject I would ever want to study. Funnily enough, did end up studying environmental technology  and luckily so because thanks to that have been able to do some very interesting work. Already at my student summer jobs, I gained experience with occupational safety, high-speed turbo compressors, medium combustion units and sustainability challenges in the energy sector. 

My first job after graduation was in the energy sector in investment portfolio management. I worked in the district heating and cooling business and became familiar with investment analysis and profitability calculations. Now at Korkia, I can combine my experience from investment analysis and expertise in environmental technology to create sustainable growth for our clients in consulting. I’m also able to continue working in energy investments with Korkia’s solar team. 

“One of the best aspects of this job is that Korkia’s projects are focused on my areas of interest, such as circular economy and renewables.”

Similarly, for quite many years I thought that consulting might not be my cup of tea. My interest towards it gradually snuck up on me. Especially the versatility of the job, the possibility to challenge myself and to continuously learn something new started to interest me more and more. Also, the same motive that led me to study environmental technology in the first place guided towards applying for this job: If I’m not sure what I want to do for a living, I’ll try to do something good for the environment. 

It’s been two months since I started at Korkia and already I’ve participated in several projects. There is just the right degree of pace and versatility in my daily work. One of the best aspects of this job is that Korkia’s projects are focused on my areas of interest, such as circular economy and renewables. So, with each project I get to learn something new about topics that are very important to me personally! It feels like I have found work that is just right for me – in a place where I didn’t always know to look for it. 

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