Korkia has been operating under a new brand and name since last April, and a lot has happened in this time. We are implementing a new strategy at a fast pace and step-by-step we are reaching our goals, one of which is to make Korkia an internationally respected sustainable development investor and developer.

We create sustainable growth by investing, developing and financing projects that promote sustainable development of our society and the world. There is proof, but before that let us return a bit back in time.


Time to hit the next gear

Two expert organizations, financial services provider Wallstreet, and consulting company specializing in corporate growth strategies Eera, joined forces in 2017. Our operations and success had been kept in secret, and partly still is. Only recently, we awakened to share our expertise and results outside our organization. Daily we work with great cases; innovative start-ups that promote sustainable development, cash-flow-based alternative investment projects, and consulting customer projects.

Last spring we launched a new name and Korkia’s new brand identity at our Annual General Meeting. Since April 2018, all our operations (investing, developing, financing) have been under the same brand. We seek genuine dialogue with our stakeholders and therefore during the past six months, we have invested in production and visibility of our social media content. With this target, we are already on a good path.


Along with economic return, the direct consequence of our services is to contribute to the sustainable development of society

All our services combine the ability to identify new opportunities and growth paths for businesses and investors. Along with the economic return for our customers, the direct result of our services is to promote the sustainable development of society. This can also be seen in our priority areas – energy, circular economy and transportation.

The words remain loose without deeds and therefore I want to highlight some of the successful projects we are particularly proud of. We have been both a developer and a financier in a number of inspirational projects with positive social or environmental impacts.

One could mention, for example, sustainable Asset Management, UNICEF, Norsepower, BioA, and a newcomer RecondOil, which technology makes oil a circular economy product.

Our team has also grown and we have succeeded in recruiting a number of top experts to Korkia. However, I see earning our customers’ trust as the most important success.


Looking towards the future – growth requires action

Far away are the times when, with a small team, we decided to challenge big players. However, we are still at the beginning: we want to continue to be a credible partner for our existing customers and simultaneously we are pursuing significant growth organically and through acquisitions both in Finland and internationally.

Our focus in the future is increasingly on services and products that solve challenges in our society. In practice, this means more interesting alternative investment products for our investors, and a reliable broad-based circular economy, energy, transport and the environment consultant developer and financier partner for the business.

Korkia has a great drive and I am glad that you are involved in building sustainable growth with us!

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