Eera’s portfolio company Eera Waste Refining has changed its name.

Griffin Refineries started its life as Eera Waste Refining in 2016 with a vision to establish, run and exit Waste Recycling and Waste-to-Energy facilities mainly outside the OECD.

All development work for Eera Waste Refining was done by the founding company Eera Industrial Development Ltd at their own risk since 2013. This was also reflected in the company name.

Now, like many startups, the company has evolved. We have gained insights from the market, from our clients and partners. These insights have made us rethink our operating model and as a result we have developed a unique refinery concept that integrates plastic recycling and fuel production which we want to co-own and operate on long-term.

This was a game-changing moment for us, and we wanted to show it. Thus, we have changed our name to Griffin Refineries.

Griffins are legendary creatures that are known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions. For us waste is a treasure – an underutilized global resource. With our unique refinery concept, we produce raw materials, fuels and energy from waste.

We at Griffin Refineries create value from waste globally.

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