Eera Industrial Development, who recently joined Wallstreet group, sells its shares in Digital Workforce, a Robotic Process Automation service company. The buyers consist of three investor shareholders and the management.

Digital Workforce Services Oy was founded in October 2015, being the first RPA service company in Finland. Eera was among the founders and also shared its premises with the company during its early days. Digital Workforce has grown extremely fast and is about to expand to other Nordic countries. In 2016, the revenue of the company reached already 1,3 M€ and the headcount exceeds 40 experts.

”When we founded Digital Workforce, it was our belief that in the future there’ll be digital workers in all teams”, explains Erik Floman, Managing Partner of Eera Industrial Development. “The company is now on a steady growth path and we are pleased that the investor shareholders and the management are committed to developing the company further”, Floman continues. The buyers are Norvestia Industries Oy, Lifeline Ventures Fund II Ky, Leena Niemistö and Jukka Virkkunen.

Eera Industrial Development focuses on growth companies based on leveraging disruptions in each respective market. The portfolio of the investment company includes several growth companies that all benefit from disruption. Eera Group is involved in these companies as an owner and developer.

Selling the shares of Digital Workforce is the first exit in the growth company portfolio of Eera Industrial Development. Last week Eera announced the merger with financial services company Wallstreet. The new value creation ecosystem formed by Wallstreet and Eera provides the following services: Asset Management, Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Corporate Finance.

After this exit, the combined portfolio of Wallstreet and Eera Industrial Development consists of 10 growth companies, including wellness coaching company H2H Performance (former Heia Heia & Hintsa Performance), marine technology company Norsepower, media company City Digital and cleantech company Eera Waste Refining.

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Founded in 1986, Eera is a Finnish business management consultancy company. Eera’s service areas are strategy work supporting growth, building new business in practice and building efficient business. Eera has, alongside with management consulting over the years, devoted much effort to creating new businesses, both in its own name and supporting start-up enterprises in different industries. The industrial development activity reached a level that gave the prerequisites of the establishment of a new sister company in 2015: Eera Industrial Development. (For more information: www.eera.fi/en ja www.eeraindustrial.com/en)