Energy is a part of most Albertans identity; it is rooted in many households and so much more than a paycheck. Economically, energy is more than 10% of our total provincial GDP. It is not uncommon for entire families to work in the energy market. My own family is a good example of this: As I type this, I can proudly tell that we have three generations, spanning 5 decades and three continents, all currently working in, or for, Alberta energy projects or companies.

Lucky by location, we are blessed in Alberta with natural resource wealth. We are known for our crude, the worlds’ third largest repository behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, but we have so much more in the mix. Our natural resources are one of the reasons that Canada has the high quality of life that it enjoys today [1]. Alberta has been punching above its’ weight for decades. Canada currently boasts ~38 million people, with a modest 4.4 million living in Alberta. Albertans contribute annually between 15-32% (depending on GDP) of the total national budget through our provincial transfer payments. These payments have helped pay for nationally funded services and infrastructure projects. This is why we are both so proud and so fiercely protective of our livelihoods. Alberta’s economic outlook is directly tied to the national standard of living.

As the world moves towards a cleaner future, Alberta continues to benefit from its fortunate location. There is a reason we use ‘Sunny Alberta’ when describing where we are from. Alberta basks in nearly 300 days of sunshine each year, with yields averaging 1276 kWh/kW/yr. We also happen to harness a lot of wind power. Already in 2019 wind energy in Alberta could power over 625,000 homes. [2]. Solar and wind are adding to our energy mix and provide Albertans additional tools to maintain our global brand in energy. By 2030, 35% of our energy will come from renewable resources. This is pretty cool in itself, but what is extra cool is that we are leading Canada’s energy transition efforts. For all the flack the province takes for our traditional energy production, very few are telling the beautiful story of how we are quietly and resiliently moving to ensure a cleaner future. Through the transformation, our energy identity and economics remains intact, and we are as influential as ever.

There is an amazing story to tell here. My Albertan heart bursts with pride as I see that through the politics, through the criticism, through pandemics, and severe market swings, there are monumentally good things happening in Alberta. My family and friends are a part of this, likely many of your friends and family are too. And now Korkia, the company I work for in Finland, is a part of this. Albertans are continuing to set the tone for a better Canada. Our legacy and our future are bonded together, and my how sunny the outlook is.



[1] OECD Better Life Index

[2] Alberta’s Wind Energy Industry, Business in Calgary




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