Master of Law, EMBA Jari Pirinen, has been appointed as new member of Korkia’s Board of Directors. Pirinen brings to the board his diverse expertise and experience from the financial sector, in capital and financial investment. The appointment supports Korkia’s goal of increasing the range of alternative investment products. Timo Leino, Petri Parvinen, Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld, Martti Malmivirta and Pertti Nurmio will continue their term on the Board of Directors of Korkia.

Jari Pirinen has worked in expert and management positions in the finical sector for more than three decades, and he has board experience from numerous small and medium-sized companies. Jari has been CEO of Finnish investment cooperative Arvo Sijoitusosuuskunta since 2019.

Appointing Jari Pirinen to Korkia’s Board of Directors strengthens Korkia’s strategic goal of increasing the range of alternative investment products. “Jarin Pirinen’s experience in the financial sector, capital and financial investment, as well as his board experience from numerous SMEs provide good qualifications for serving on the board. I welcome Jari to Korkia’s Board of Directors,” comments Timo Leino, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

According to Leino, Korkia has a good foundation to grow by differentiating itself from competitors, by combining strong expertise on chosen focus areas with the financial sector. “Korkia is looking for growth especially in alternative investments and its management consulting focus areas – renewable energy, resource-wise industry and emission-free transport. The board oversees the business comprehensively – from the perspective of the customer, the owner and other stakeholders. I believe that Jari’s appointment will strengthen the Board of Directors and the chosen strategy,” Leino continues.

“Korkia combines high-quality asset management with a unique competitive advantage based on especially in-depth renewable energy expertise in energy transaction investing,” Jari Pirinen comments.

”Jari strengthens the financing and risk management expertise of the board regarding alternative investments. It is great to bring in yet another expert on alternative investments to the Board of Directors so that as a company we can continue to implement the chosen strategy,” comments CEO Pauli Mäenpää on the appointment.

“In recent years, Korkia has invested heavily in developing the product family of alternative investments in solar energy, gaining a strong foothold in the field of solar energy in Europe and Latin America. We will continue on this chosen path,” Mäenpää says.


Picture: Noora Slotte / Studio P.S.V.

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