Korkia has been involved in establishing several growth companies that have a significant impact on the fight against climate change. Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), an  association developing business solutions for climate change accepted Korkia as member of the association.

Climate Leadership Coalition, which consists of companies, universities, research institutes and cities, contributes to the fight against climate change. Chairman Henrik Ehrnrooth and Vice Chairman Jorma Ollila lead the board of the association.

“The purpose of the Coalition is to affect the businesses’ and research organisations’ competitiveness and ability to respond to the threats posed by climate change and the scarcity of natural resources, as well as to improve their ability to utilise the business opportunities related to these”, comments CLC’s Executive Director Jouni Keronen.

“We look forward to our future co-operation and hope to see Korkia’s active role in promoting the association’s objectives and values”, Keronen continues.

Membership was endorsed by Korkia’s multiple deeds against climate change

“We are involved in various sustainable development projects in the role of investor, developer, financier and consultant. For example, the technologies and solutions provided by growth companies that we have established have a global impact on climate change and material efficiency”, comments Korkia’s Group CEO Pauli Mäenpää.

“We hope that our CLC membership will contribute to our sustainable development work and we are pleased to join the extensive network where we can join forces to develop globally more sustainable business activities”, Mäenpää continues.

The uncertainty created by climate change can also be converted into profitable growth. In Korkia’s management consulting specialty areas (energy, circular economy and transport) changes are seen as opportunities to create competitive advantage and growth for customers.

For example, with Finnish manufacturer of dairy products Valio we have been supporting the ProLanta project, which aims to reduce agricultural emissions and find new solutions for sludge management. In the Aviapolis Liikennelabra project, Korkia in cooperation with public and private actors, builds intelligent and emission-free transport and logistics solutions for the future. Pilots, concepts and services in the project will help reduce emissions from the transport sector while creating new profitable business.


Growth companies founded by Korkia play an important role

As a developer, Korkia has established several growth companies, the pivotal point of which is a substantial imprint on the activity against climate change, such as:

Coolbrook Oy has developed a new kind of chemical reactor technology, which enables the reduction of CO2e emissions with 1.4 tons in the production of each ton of ethylene. Ethylene is a common raw material for chemical industry.

Norsepower Oy has developed a marine rotor sail technology, which enables the reduction of a vessel’s fuel consumption with 5-20 %.

BioA Oy is a producer of organic fertilizers. The first production facility is under construction in Kotka. The fertilizer replaces traditional chemical fertilizers, which are one of the biggest sources of CO2e emissions from agriculture.

Griffin Refineries Oy processes municipal and industrial waste into recyclable products and the non-recyclable parts into solid recovered fuel. In the process of Griffin Refineries, the treatment of one ton of municipal solid waste reduces CO2e emissions with 700 kg.


Korkia is an internationally operating growth, investment and business development company with a focus on promoting sustainable development. The group’s revenue in 2018 was 8.5 M €, our customers are domestic and international investors, companies and institutions. Our team includes over 75 experts at 9 locations and is supported by a strong Advisor network. www.korkia.fi


More information

Pauli Mäenpää
Group CEO, Korkia
+358 50 550 7121

Jouni Keronen
Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition
+358 50 453 4881

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