Inka Lappalainen has started as a Senior Manager in Korkia’s Consulting Team. Inka has a long career at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland behind her, working as a consultant and in many different R&D projects, gaining experience in operating with companies and other partners in several different industries. Her goal is to help companies make use of systemic changes and disruptions, seeing them as the basis for new opportunities and growth that is sustainable economically, socially and ecologically. Over the past few years, she has focused on new business models as well as on the opportunities provided by data and digital platforms for smart construction and built environments.

Q&A with Inka:

What in particular made you apply for a Korkia position?

Korkia profiles itself in terms of sustainable growth and new business opportunities for companies in interesting growth areas rich in synergy, and that resonates with my competences and matches the direction I wish to take even more determinedly in the future. This view was strengthened in the inspiring discussions we had during the recruiting process and also through hearing about the good experiences some of my acquaintances have had with Korkia.

If you had to describe your expertise in 23 words, what words would you give and why?

This is a bit longer but I would say I am an analytical interpreter of the operational environment and a promoter of new business opportunities. In companies’ sustainable growth, it is essential to comprehensively pay attention to the social, ecological and economic dimensions. This means that their sustainability goals must be genuinely integrated into their current business and, likewise, into their renewal and growth. With companies experiencing pressure from regulation and markets, sustainability has become a must in many ways, but they should see it, first of all, as an opportunity to build competitive advantages and new business opportunities.

What goals and expectations do you have regarding your new job?

I expect to be able to have my expertise in sustainable business grow even more. In addition, I expect to take part in pioneering customer projects that show the way across the borders of traditional industries and value chains both at home and in the global arena. I also look forward to inspiring teamwork with highly competent colleagues, developing expert services that add value to customers, and being a part of Korkia’s growth story.


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