Solar energy is a globally booming sector with scalable low risk technology solutions, which make the market very interesting for investors looking for a good risk-reward ratio.

In April 2019 Korkia acquired a Chilean solar asset management company and gained 90 MW of operational solar assets in the area. In addition Korkia has  recently signed agreements with international investors for managing another 300 MW of solar plants to be implemented in the coming 2-3 years.

As Korkia expects further growth in the global solar market and has ambition to grow its solar asset management and investment business internationally, Korkia has decided to make the company’s UK operations a hub for our global solar business.

“In the UK we have better access to international investors and talented people, and thus we can also better service our Finnish investors by offering them co-investment opportunities. Consequently, we are happy to announce Moray Martin joining our UK operations as non-executive director. As a former Lloyds Underwriter, CEO for Allianz Global Risks Asia Pacific and the Middle East and an investor in many sustainability related businesses he can add a lot of valuable experience in areas relevant for our solar business,” says Mr. Pauli Mäenpää, Korkia’s CEO.

“In the next 10 years demand for energy will increase by at least 20%. Solar and Wind together currently provide around 7% of global energy consumption but by 2030 they are expected to contribute at least 25% of the total requirement, gradually replacing fossil fuels and nuclear as a consequence of political, social and cost pressures. Korkia Venture Insight UK Limited, already a significant player in the sector, is gearing up to meet this demand as both an investor and as a service provider to the sector,” comments Mr. Moray Martin.

”Having worked with Korkia on a number of projects over several years, including Norsepower – a successful marine engineering company we co-founded in 2012, I am honoured to join the UK board and look forward to working closely with my colleagues to deliver superior investment returns as we play our part in driving paradigm change in the energy sector,” Mr. Martin continues.

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