Blog | Appointment | 4/10/2018

Why I joined the Korkia team

Being the ‘newbie’ of the Korkia Venture Insights -team, I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts on why I joined Korkia, and reflect on my… Read more.

News | Appointment | 3/12/2018

Janika Keinänen appointed Consultant

Janika Keinänen, M.Sc. (Econ), has been appointed Consultant at Korkia. Janika has several years of experience in strategic consulting especially in the field of public administration assignments. Janika… Read more.

News | Appointment | 1/15/2018

Petri Ketola joins Consulting team

Petri Ketola, M.Sc. (Tech), has been appointed Project Director at Eera. At Eera he will focus on Robotic Process Automation projects. His core competences include business leadership and… Read more.