There is no end in sight to the triumph of solar energy. An unlimited source of energy and CO2 free production fuel the explosive growth of solar power plant production. When it comes to investing in solar energy, a typical asset manager invests the capital and lets others do the rest. We believe that things can be done better, more efficiently and with a lower risk by managing the whole value chain in-house.

Already today, we are running and managing the whole value chain from project identification and technical due diligence to construction and operation of the solar assets. Our core is to provide a full management services over the life cycle for our investors with in-house capabilities ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability. For me personally, taking care of every solar asset is a personal passion and honour.


In practice; three dimensions of activity from site visits to technical analysis

We have developed our own mechanism to monitor the performance of each project, which not only allows to compare the actual energy production with the forecasted financial model but supports the identification of any failures in the operation. We also evaluate improvements that maximise the energy production controlling the operation of the power plant at three levels.


1. Following the key metrics

How much power is the plant producing? We follow the irradiation of the sun, the power generation and efficiency of the solar power plant. Our team of engineers follows the production and asset’s performance every day. We compare the actual vs the theoretical value of generation to keep track on how the plant is operating.


2. Controlling the performance of main equipment of the plant

Specific analysis on inverters, tracking system and PV modules is conducted on a regular basis. This is done by reviewing the performance of the components.


3. Site visits

Regular site visits with engineers and technicians are conducted to gain an understanding on how the plant is managed. During the site visits our team checks the status of the equipment and of the plant itself. Potential objects might produce shadows over the power plant and grass might be covering the modules. Site visits ensure that basic and periodical activities such as the grass control is done properly.



Relationship management and giving input to achieve the best performance

On behalf of the investors we analyse the projects from its conception, by developing independent energy models, conducting technical due diligence, controlling the construction of the projects and taking part in the commissioning when required. During the operation of the projects the relationships with the operators of each power plant, authorities form the energy sector and key actors of the energy market is led by experienced Korkia team members. Our team of experienced engineers support the activates of the operators of the solar power plants, through the daily operations, but also by giving input on how to achieve the best performance of each project.


Daniel Vargas is responsible for the implementation and technical management for all of our solar projects globally. In the last few years, we have realized more than 100 MW of solar power and we expect to do over 200 MW more within the next year. The sun will rise tomorrow and that is why our business is growing rapidly. You can invest in solar energy through us – where it shines!

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