Petri Kalliokoski, M.Sc. (Tech), and Minna Korkeaoja, M.Sc. (Econ.), have been invited to join Korkia Consulting’s Senior Advisor Network. Minna Korkeaoja has worked for a long time as the CFO of Pohjolan Voima and Petri Kalliokoski has moved on to become an entrepreneur after having served as the Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO.

Petri Kalliokoski
, M.Sc. (Tech), currently serves as the owner and CEO of High Metal and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Makron Group. He is also a Board Member in several growth and technology companies. Prior to his current duties, Petri worked with the Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT, and was in charge of ICT-, electronics- and health technologies research and customer service. Petri was also Deputy CEO of VTT and Chairman of VTT Ventures’s Board of Directors.

Petri has extensive expertise in business research and innovation operations, strategic business development and new growth as well as technology companies. “It’s fantastic to get involved with Korkia’s operations, and I particularly appreciate Korkia’s active presence in generating new business and their desire to seek growth at the interface between industries, business models and technologies,” says Petri Kalliokoski.

Minna Korkeaoja, M.Sc. (Econ.), has worked for 20 years as the CFO of Finnish energy company Pohjolan Voima and as a Member of the Executive Board responsible for the Group’s finances and financing, strategic planning, risk management and the development of joint support services. Minna has been a Member of the Board of several Pohjolan Voima Group’s companies and CEO of Powest, an electricity and heat production service support provider. In addition, Minna has worked in the boards of the Finnish Energy, Energiateollisuus ry, and pension insurance company Ilmarinen.

Minna has been involved in several power plant projects and M&A arrangements and has developed support services for the Group such as outsourcing and building strategic partnerships.

“Korkia Consulting’s strong areas of expertise and my own work experience unite in an invigorating manner. It’s very interesting to get involved in doing work “the Korkia way” by colliding ideas, people and technologies in dynamic teams,” comments Minna Korkeaoja.

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