Tarja Pitkänen and Urs Lüscher have joined Eera’s network as new Business Development Partners in August 2016.

Tarja Pitkänen, MSc (in econ.), is an experienced business manager and a finance professional, who has over 25 years of experience handling international financial matters, in both the business and banking sectors. Tarja has an extensive experience in international finance, group finance, and M&A.

Tarja is founder and managing director of the company Whynot Grow. The comprehensive financing services of Whynot Grow suit all businesses that wish to grow internationally. Throughout her work life she has been exposed to the international business community, and also lived abroad twice. Whynot Grow moved in July 2016 to the same office premises with Eera.

Urs Lüscher, MBA, has over 20 years of experience in implementing and developing strategies to practices through his own company UCLE. Urs excels at waking up people’s inner motivation and sees that motivated people who collaborate with each other provide companies the best development opportunities.

Urs has managed client projects in the fields of strategy implementation and internationalization of companies in Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. He is an expert of DACH region. Urs lives in Finland and Austria.