The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, Tekes, writes on its website about the Ho Chi Minh City Innovation Week and events such as Hatch! and Together with Finland. The events were some of the results of the Vietnam and Finland Innovation Partnership Program started in 2008. Eera is one of the selected Finnish companies participating in the program.

Eera is a pioneer in developing businesses making use of robotic process automation. Now Eera is exporting its expertise to Vietnam.

“In Vietnam and other developing markets the automation can improve the productivity and create more added value which enables better living standard and wellbeing for the citizens,” says the partner of Eera Tomi Torri.

Eera always works in cooperation with local partners.

“Here we have a partner company with whom we signed Memorandum of Understanding this week. We’re targeting to establish a joint venture”, Torri reveals in the Innovation Expo of Ho Chi Minh City.

Read the whole story at Tekes’ website.

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