Combining growth with sustainability is something that strongly resonates with Anssi and led him to Korkia. “I believe long-lasting success is built with this recipe. Sustainability in business development is not only about polishing the company image or trying to comply with regulations. Instead, it provides great opportunities for creating solid business.”

Before joining Korkia Anssi has worked as a management consultant mainly in the areas of operational excellence and supply chain management in firms such as Knowit and Capacent. “As a consultant I like to call myself as a generalist who likes to find solutions through numbers. Having said that, solutions may be found through numbers but implementing them is done through people. Therefore, my special interest and passion is in change management.“ People are also essential in day-to-day work. “I am a team player because I believe best ideas and results are achieved when people come and work together.”

Outside of work Anssi is a sports enthusiast and likes to fill his freetime with tennis, padel, Finnish baseball, Crossfit and skiing. This ambition clearly transfers over to work as well. “I hope work at Korkia will provide interesting and challenging client cases, a steep learning curve, and a supportive community of colleagues!”


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