Together the two companies create a unique combination of expertise where financial services, industrial development and strategic consulting create a new value creation ecosystem. In the deal Wallstreet Financial Services Oy acquires Eera Oy and Eera Industrial Development Oy by stock exchange.

By combining their expertise, Wallstreet and Eera can offer their clients a wide selection of value creating and growth supporting services in all phases of the value chain.

Wallstreet focuses on offering innovative and quality services in asset management, private equity and other services for safeguarding assets and maximizing capital growth. Eera is a pioneer in business management consulting. The common base for all Eera’s services is the ability to identify significant disruptions within a client’s field as potential opportunities. In addition to Helsinki, Eera also has offices in Latin America and the Middle East.

”Together we bring a new combination of value creating expertise to the market. In the future we will be able to offer our corporate clients growth supporting and value creating services in all development phases, and simultaneously we can offer investors interesting and innovative investment targets,” summarizes Wallstreet group’s CEO Pauli Mäenpää.

Wallstreet’s core business and Eera’s expertise in recognizing and building profitable growth offers great synergy-potential for Wallstreet’s Corporate Finance and Private Equity services. After the acquisition Eera will continue with its own name and growth strategy concept. The portfolio of Eera Industrial Development will be combined with Wallstreet’s private equity portfolio.

Wallstreet Private Equity’s and Eera Industrial Development’s focus is in renewable energy and venture capital. Wallstreet’s first private equity fund WS Solar Energy Fund is Finland’s first fund to invest purely in solar power plants. Combined, the two companies have a substantial presence and networks in South Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, as well as an experienced team in the cleantech and energy fields.

”Our offerings complement each other well. In the future Wallstreet and Eera can support clients’ value creation in recognizing growth potential, strategic consulting and development as well as financial arrangements and M&A services,” says Eera’s Executive Chairman Martti Malmivirta.

The new value creation ecosystem formed by Wallstreet and Eera will provide the following services: Asset Management, Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Corporate Finance.

For more information:

Wallstreet Financial Services Oy
Pauli Mäenpää, Chief Executive Officer, +358 50 550 7121

Eera Oy
Martti Malmivirta, Executive Chairman, +358 40 555 4720

Founded in 2006, Wallstreet is a Finnish financial services group that is specialized in wealth management for safeguarding assets and maximizing capital growth as well as private equity investments. Wallstreet’s services include asset management with open architecture, private equity- and venture capital investments and corporate finance services. The group has over 13.000 company-, private- and institutional clients and it is owned by its staff and over 500 investors. (For more information: www.wallstreet.fi/en)

Founded in 1986, Eera is a Finnish business management consultancy company. Eera’s service areas are strategy work supporting growth, building new business in practice and building efficient business. Eera has, alongside with management consulting over the years, devoted much effort to creating new businesses, both in its own name and supporting start-up enterprises in different industries. The industrial development activity reached a level that gave the prerequisites of the establishment of a new sister company in 2015: Eera Industrial Development. (For more information: www.eera.fi and www.eeraindustrial.com)