There is no need to choose between sustainability and growth – we combine them.

Change does not happen by itself. It requires deep expertise, out-of-the-box thinking and courage to make different ideas collide.

We offer a new perspective on your business, bring in the experts and ensure the execution of your development projects.

Renewable energy

The transformation of the energy sector arises  from developments within the industry as well as other related industries, such as electrified transport. We help energy sector actors and other companies interested in renewable energy to identify and commercialize the opportunities created by the energy market disruption.

Resource-wise industries

Efficient use and sharing of resources creates savings and new business opportunities. We have expertise in the food and waste energy, regarding the reuse of materials and the development of services. In addition, we approach real estate as a resource storage and service platforms with the goal of developing new returns in the market.

Sustainable Transport

The transport and logistics market is transforming – technologies are evolving and climate policy calls to action. Our experts have a thorough understanding of traditional and digital mobility services, as well as the challenges that the automotive industry, logistics and the public sector face in the future.


We turn disruption into growth


▸Market and regulatory analysis of the environment
▸Competitor, customer, acquisition and partner mapping
▸Future scenarios
▸Mapping of funding possibilities


▸Strategy and business plan process facilitation and implementation
▸Market entry and internationalization plans
▸Support for strategy and business plan implementation


▸Ideation and cultivation of completely new business ideas
▸Feasibility analysis
▸Material efficiency audit
▸Seeking growth funding
▸Hands-on implementation of new growth

Business Ideas


▸Assessment of required partners
▸Establishing ecosystems
▸Network and coordination

Sustainable transport

The Finnish growth company MaaS Global is the world's first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) company. Its Whim mobility app combines public transport, city bikes, taxis, shared cars and car rental for a monthly fee. The company took its first steps in the shelter of Korkia's wings.

Read case MaaS Global (in Finnish)

Resource-wise industries

Korkia has supported Valio in its goal of achieving a carbon-neutral milk chain. Realizing this ambitious goal requires development and introduction of new technologies, cooperation between actors and industries, and a new way of seeing the potential of agriculture.

Read case Valio (in Finnish)

Renewable energy

Korkia developed a business plan for SRV with the goal of launching a completely new type of concept in real estate energy solutions: the real estate energy and life cycle as a service -concept.

Read case SRV (in Finnish)

From words to deeds

Renewable energy

Resource-wise industries

Sustainable transport

What else is happening currently?

Ongoing campaigns

Make your business a pioneer in low-carbon construction

Demand for carbon-neutral, carbon-binding and healthy materials and new business solutions is growing rapidly. The rapidly changing operating environment offers a wide range of growth opportunities. We have carried out extensive industry analyzes of low-carbon construction in Finland, the EU and the Asian and North American markets.

Read more (in Finnish)

Do you know what opportunities the EU Green Deal could offer your business?

Eu Green Deal is the European Commission's growth strategy for a sustainable economy and a carbon-neutral Europe in 2050. The new growth programme will direct hundreds of billions of euros in funding to the market for sustainable investment and development projects and reform the operating environment.


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