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We want to be a long-term partner in increasing our clients wealth and managing investments

The world is full of interesting investment opportunities. In spite of that, managing the risk-return ratio is challenging in a rapidly changing world. It’s more crucial than ever to invest with the right instruments to the right targets, appropriately diversifying your portfolio. With an active approach and investment strategy, you can achieve the best results in the long run.

We offer investors both comprehensive asset management and the opportunity to invest in individual investment targets.


In addition to our unique asset management model, we offer investors a range of investment ideas in different risk classes to diversify your portfolio


The basis of our asset management is to find and use only the world’s best funds. As an independent service provider, we are not tied to any operator, and we do not have any own funds, which would result in conflicts of interest.


Does your investment portfolio include companies with high appreciation potential? We help you to invest in carefully selected unlisted growth companies with strong growth expectations.


Through our structured investment ideas, you can increase the diversification of your portfolio and take a strong stance on market development expectations as well as hedge your investments against downward market development.


We offer professional investors private equity funds with a unique structure that maximizes the investors’ cash flow. Our investment focus is especially in renewable energy and circular economy.


As an investor, achieving sustainable growth requires the use of right tools, a systematic approach and wit

A customer-oriented banker? Yes - it is possible.

In the long run, our success comes from the success of our customers. We work transparently focusing on the interest of our customers. We want the financial service sector to be more customer-oriented.

We are not practicing with your money. The evidence speaks for itself

We have been operating since 2006 and we got our own  investment service license in 2014. Our team has hundreds of years of experience in the field and our investment portfolios’ return have been excellent. In addition to the investment experience, we also utilize other top professionals within the Group.

We are the only one offering professional services to private investors in Finland.

As the only one in Finland, we offer private investors access to the world’s best funds from a set of over 50.000 instruments. Whether your investment portfolio is € 50K or € 50M, we provide you with the same first class asset management.

What does independence mean in financial services?

“Being an independent investment services provider means being customer-oriented. It means that the service provider has no contracts or premium schemes with anyone else, and the provider has no own funds or investment portfolios that would guide the customers investments. Independence means freedom to choose truly the best solution for the customer.”

Lassi Lehmusvuori,
Senior Private Banker

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