Why Korkia?

We have a development portfolio volume of over 7 GWp in renewable energy

Korkia is a Finnish investment and advisory company specialized in sustainable development. Our customers are domestic and international investors, companies and institutions. We have years of experience in developing, buying and managing international energy investments. Since 2017, we have built more than 30 renewable energy power plants in Europe and Latin America. We develop our projects in cooperation with local partners and an extensive team of more than 50 experts.

The construction site of the Korkia-owned Guadix solar power plant in Spain.


Make a positive impact – not forgetting the return

Korkia Renewable Energy LP’s investment strategy focuses on financing the project development phase of wind and solar power. This differs from the model generally offered to investors in the market, where the focus is on building and selling energy plants and pursuing income from the sale of electricity. During project development, the necessary permit processes are carried out, based on which a solar or wind power plant can be built. Prerequisites for implementing the facility include, for example, a land use right, an electricity connection and a building permit.

The shorter time span of investments in the project development phase allows a faster capital turnover than in the construction and operation phases. This enables an attractive return on investment.

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Responsibility at the very core

Responsibility is built into all of our business areas

We are a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

We are a member of the Climate Leadership Coalition.  Members consist of companies, universities, research institutes and cities which strive to be among the leaders of their respective fields in terms of climate change mitigation ambition.

We are a member of the Finnish association for responsible investment, Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum ry.


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